ALPHAMAPS launches “Data Portraits of Europe”

Animated dataviz series goes live on 8 September

On Wednesday 8 September 2021, ALPHAMAPS launches a new series of animated dataviz on Twitter (see @alphamaps) that will progressively reveal to readers a collection of “Data Portraits of Europe”.

Over the course of three weeks, ALPHAMAPS will cover a different theme every day, ranging from agriculture to energy, to the environment, to society, to trade, to transport and more. On average, there will be around 6-7 episodes per theme (and per day).

ALPHAMAPS continues to advance its automated content generation with a view to increase the accessibility and communicability of open data and provide valuable input for EU policymaking and stakeholder exchanges.
Gregory Ruessmann
SYGMA TECH Founder and CEO

The animated dataviz are based on the latest open data, including multiple data sets made available through the EU’s open data portal (

ALPHAMAPS is an award-winning geopolitical dataviz platform powered by the data and automation specialist company Sygma Tech. Visit to turn your data into instant geopolitical insights.

Published on: 7 September 2021

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