EU Datathon finalist turns prototype into product with 2021 release of

Renewable energy data mapped for the year 2019 (Source: Renewable energy, ALPHAMAPS, EU catalogue)

ALPHAMAPS – previously piloted under the name of “Euromaps” – was one of the 2019 EU Datathon finalists and distinguished itself with its mission to turn EU open data into instant geopolitical insights to inform policymaking through innovative data visualisation, automated data analysis, storytelling and social media techniques.

Hydro power data mapped for the year 2019 (Source: Hydro power, ALPHAMAPS, EU catalogue)

SYGMA TECH has turned the data mapping prototype into a full-scale digital service, pushing the boundaries of data visualisation further and scaling the maps production process to make open data insights as available and wide ranging as possible.

Solar power data mapped for the year 2019 (Source: Solar power, ALPHAMAPS, EU catalogue)
Under its new name, ALPHAMAPS, the project keeps its original European heritage, while also opening up its mission to a more universal outlook. Our objective is to bring our open data insights to all policy fields for which historical datasets are available.
Gregory Ruessmann
SYGMA TECH Founder and CEO

The annual EU Datathon competition served as a catalyst for ALPHAMAPS’ development (piloted under the name of “Euromaps”) and illustrated both the vast amounts of open data the EU makes available and the need to make these more accessible and extract from them actionable insights for all policy stakeholders.

Wind power data mapped for the year 2019 (Source: Wind power, ALPHAMAPS, EU catalogue)

Published on: 10 June 2021

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