Automated publishing

Be present. Always. Especially when it is important. Whether your schedule allows for it or not.


Automated publishing can help sustain a certain rythm and flow of information. While automated monitoring, automated data analysis, automated data visualisation and automated reporting can help with the automated generation of content, automated publishing is about the automation of processes that will deliver the desired information to the right audience.

Social media pages & profiles

Social media have become a mainstay of daily communications. Whether it be maintaining a profile or a page on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, these publishing platforms impose a certain commitment on their account holders to publish regularly or be ignored.

Automated publishing can help maintain the appropriate flow for any social media channel by enabling the strategic automated scheduling of ready-to-go content to be disptached at its desired time and place. This can be especially powerful when combined with automated content, both from organic sources (see automated data analysis, automated database management or automated reporting) or when generating content from the social media platform itself.

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Email briefings & newsletters

Most of the information we share today is sent by email – that includes the mission critical- or time-sensitive information, especially when reaching out to a medium-sized group of people or a decentralised association.

In the case of recurring or essential email communications, automated publishing can help ease the management of contacts, the formatting of content and the actual sending out of the emails, leaving the author to focus on the content of the missives.

Our experience shows automated publishing for email communication can increase the quality and consistency of communication by up to 50%, generating better collaboration as a result.

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