Automated monitoring

Filter out the noise and stay on top of the essential with customised information aggregation and categorisation.

Bring it all in one place

Comprehensive and regular monitoring can be very time-consuming. A simple way to save time and ensure consistency is by bringing all sources into one – including both external and internal sources. Most sources of information can be fed into a single database that can then be used a source to view all the information in one place.

Pre-analyse the information

Once the information has been collected in a single database, the information can easily be searched by an algorithm to filter our the more relevant information or events. This information can then be highlighted to simplify the human analysis.

Boost your sources

In addition to your traditional monitoring sources, automated monitoring is the opportunity to add new sources, including Google Search results or automated data analysis, to your daily feed. With many news and information outlets making data available through APIs, it is easier than ever to ensure you don’t miss the important updates.

Start automating today
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