SYGMA TECH is a digital communications provider of leadership solutions.

Our mission

SYGMA TECH was founded in 2018 with a mission to empower leaders and policy stakeholders with automated communication solutions – to leverage existing resources and enable better and more constructive dialogue.

The opportunities for insights and reach from data and tech continue to grow every day. Successful leaders integrate these capabilities to help their organisations better achieve their mission. SYGMA TECH is here to help in that process.
Gregory Ruessmann
SYGMA TECH Founder and CEO

Our focus on geopolitical dataviz

In 2019, the company’s focus shifted strongly towards automated storytelling and geopolitical data visualisation (“dataviz”) with the launch of a pilot programme called “Euromaps”. The pilot’s early success, including reaching the finals of the 2019 EU Datathon, encouraged the development of a full-fledged dataviz offer, since rebranded as ALPHAMAPS. Follow the latest here →



Avenue Marnix 17
1000 Brussels


Company no. 0687.938.846

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